Welcome home.

At Two Hammers we are here to provide you with an amazing "home away from home." Born out of our passion for hospitality, we've created spaces that will wrap you in comfort and style. We want you to have a temporary home where you can be comfortable and at ease during your stay in the greater Asheville area. Our homes are fully furnished and equipped, designed with care and attention to detail. The results are aesthetically pleasing spaces that will help you feel settled and well taken care of. We have anticipated every need you may have during your stay so that you can unpack, relax, and enjoy the serenity of your new "home." Whether you are here during a time of transition, or just for pleasure, long term, or just for a short while; you can consider yourself at home. 

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Fully furnished. 

Intentionally Designed

Two Hammers properties are fully furnished. But more than that, the interiors are intentionally designed for that particular home, creating spaces that go beyond function and feel like a real, long-term home. 

Fully equipped.

Created for Daily Life

You're here to live, so Two Hammers homes are fully equipped for your daily life. You'll be able to cook, do laundry, and all the other things that mean you're at home and not just passing through. 



Fully livable.


We'll take care of the inconvenient, but important details of running a home. At a Two Hammers rental, utilities are all-inclusive. We also provide WiFi, complimentary streaming services, Central Heating and Air Conditioning, home security systems, and everything else that you'll need taken care of.

Fully home.

FlExIble Long-term Focus

We're in this business specifically to serve people who need to come stay a while for any number of reasons. Our properties and processes are oriented around long-term stays. We understand the complexities of circumstance that can affect a long-term stay, and we want you to have a home while you're here.


It never felt like a rental. The space is so intentionally designed — both beautiful, relaxing, and functional for everyday life. I truly feel like Little Shady Oak was my own home for a short time.
— M. (New York, NY)

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About Two Hammers

Sisters Emily and Annie Hammer are California transplants with big hearts for Asheville. Passionate for travel and exploration, Asheville called us both to be part of the eclectic and vibrant tapestry of Western North Carolina. With seven years of “local” between us, we have immersed ourselves in our town and constantly explore this ever-changing canvas that is AVL.  With this, we love to share our knowledge and will proudly be the first to help you take in what our area has to offer.